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Being Perfectionist, Isn't it the flaw of many artists ? 
Your difficult you that always tells you: "You're able to do better than that... ". When you're finally at the point of enjoying the result of your work, Perfectionism arrives and ruins everything, bringing you back to your chair so you can pass few more hours correcting the last little annoying details of your work, that you, by miracle, just noticed.
Is Perfectionism the result of your ego? Is it the pressure of the system that pushes you to always expect more from your yourself? I don't know, but what I can say today is: Let's fight it, and say no to it. Perfectionism, we are not your slave !

A game by

Mylene Ben Osman




This game was created for the Game Design // UE course at the University of Applied Sciences Europe. 

 Supervised by: Prof. Csongor Baranyai 

"Game a Week"  (Winter Semester 2020/2021)


HowToNotBePerfectionist.zip 17 MB

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